Congressmen show black flag to Modi, shout ‘go back’

A group of Congressmen shouted “go back Modi” and showed the black flag to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he was entering the Netaji Indoor Stadium for the inaugural function of the sesquicentenary celebration of the Kolkata Port Trust on Sunday. The handful of Congress activists, who had assembled near the VIP gate of the venue, staged the demonstration despite tough security. contingent.

US Congressman praises Modi govt for ending discrimination in Kashmir

A US Congressman in the House of Representatives commended India for ending gender, caste and religious discrimination in Jammu and Kashmir by nullifying the special status of the state and also applauded the multiparty support that the Narendra Modi government received in Indian Parliament over Kashmir.

Americans, he said, are grateful, as the world’s oldest democracy, to see India succeed as the world’s largest democracy.